Online Learning

Explore our extensive and world­class online learning platform. We invite you to check out  our weekly free overview demos at no obligation at all as you follow your intellectual  curiosity. Our online learning experience combines the convenience of remote  accessibility with personal support and feedback from our expert instructors.

Through our online learning portal, we offer courses such as .NET, Java, Automation QA,  Manual QA, Mobile Apps tester, Cyber Security and many more. We connect you to  resourceful and high quality trainers who will hold your hand and coach you at a very low  cost. All the courses we offer are based on the current marketable skills.

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High Paying Careers

Our professional trainers expose you to high paying IT careers that are bound to change  your life for good. Their immense experience in these areas will also give you invaluable  insight on how to beat the competition and make it to the top. At DFWIT JOBS, we fully  understand that high paying jobs require a lot of talent, education and experience and  that is why we put you on the path to a high paying career through our quality IT  programs.

We develop your soft skills including communication skills, teamwork and organization  skills. Our wide networking platform exposes you to the relevant opportunities in the  industry.

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Interview Prep

We train you on how to prepare for interviews so as to outshine the competition. Our  experts coach you on the soft skills that will give you an edge as you walk into any  interview. We train you on question answering techniques and tips on how to shape the  interview process around your familiar zone. Our interview preparation training takes into  account the human element of the interviewers including their moods and preferences  that ultimately determine your success at the interview table.

We offer you constructive feedback and a detailed score after each interview training so  that you can track your progress and identify areas of improvement.

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On the Job Support

The experienced and resourceful team of trainers at DFWITJOBS will over you  comprehensive on job support as you change careers and seek for additional on the job  training. We stand true to our promise to walk with you all the way. Our expert trainers  cross­train you in order to expand your skills set and ability to take on challenging  assignments.

Our job training and support programs are based on extensive research of employment  data, occupation projections, economic activity and industry cluster analysis. Our support  initiatives follow a 360 degree approach where we tackle your career needs extensively to  enable you reach your goals.

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About DFW I.T Jobs

Welcome to DFWIT JOBS­ a transformative online learning community offering tremendous opportunities for people who want to pursue careers in IT.

We have a wide range of high quality resources to help you develop the essential, relevant and competitive skills for the current job market. With our interactive multimedia platforms and knowledgeable experts, you can learn from virtually anywhere.

Why join us?

  • We have exclusive partner ship with US and Canadian Employers.
  • Free Demo classes. No Obligation.
  • Over 70 experienced training partners.
  • Free Cutting-Edge Technology Sessions.
  • Get unlimited referral bonuses by referring people to exclusive I.T jobs.
  • Free referral to Tier-1 and Tier-2 vendors.

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