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What answers can I get from the Support’s FAQ ?

Scroll below to view some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about career, online training, the courses offered and how to enroll. We make every effort to provide concise and accurate information in these FAQs. However, if you need guidance on specific areas get in touch with our support team through the contact us form. 

How are the online classes conducted? and what are the requirements ?

Online courses are conducted using WebEx or GotoMeeting. You need to have a Windows or Mac with free version of WebEx or GotoMeeting installed.  Your computer needs to have Speaker and Microphone working so you can communicate with the trainer. All courses are conducted  online so good interest connection is a basic necessity.

Can I attend more than one Free Demo session? Is there any restrictions?

You can attached as many free demo sessions as you need. You can subscribe to our news letter and we will send you the demo sessions as they are scheduled. There are no restrictions and as a added bonus we also offer free technology seminars you can attend. These are seminars offered by industry experts with more than 10+ years of experience.

If I cannot attend the course or if I don’t like the class, are the fees refundable ?

No. All fees are final and non refundable. We offer free demo sessions for you to make the choice. All fees paid will be paid to the allocated seat in the class weather you attend or not. The fees are non refundable.

What is 'on the job support'? How does this help ? Is it free?

On the job support is a service we provide on a need basis. Once you get the job, if you need someone to assist you, we will find an expert in the field who can help you one hour per day for a month. They will assist you  complete your daily task faster and teach you how to do it. This is to help you kick start your learning curve, get ahead of your co-workers and learn faster.  Its not free, cost is dependent on the skills needed. You can take a free demo with no obligation for this service as well. We need 2 days notice to find someone who can help. All fees are final once you start the support service weather you use or not, so please plan properly.

What kind of Job Support can I get?

Based on the job description, we can can find a few Subject Matter Experts (SME) who you can interview or get a free session to identify if they match what you are seeking. Once matched and confirmed, you can setup a time of the day to discuss about the technical aspects of your daily job. This service is monthly.

Can I get help with interview preparation?

Yes for a flat rate, we can identify a skilled personnel to spend 1 hour with you reviewing the job description and assisting you with interview preparation.

What materials wil I get that I can use after the training is complete?

All training classes come with recorded sessions that you can review long after the class is complete. We use Dropbox so you can click the link here to download free version of the dropbox. We will share all recorded training sessions via your dropbox account.

How do I connect with the recruiters of potential employers?

Once you enroll in the course, we will pass on your profile to our list of sponsoring employers. Who ever likes your profiler will be in touch with you to speak to your about your career plans.

Where can I search for current jobs?

Look no further. We have a job board that shows the current hot and high demand jobs in there market. Visit our site whenever you want to look for jobs.

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